Friday, February 10, 2006

Cooling off.

Alla missed her Daddy (who was TDY this week). Yesterday he got off the plane and came straight home to his girls. And it was hot so they shed their tops and cooled off. Yes, it was 81 degrees here yesterday. Fine shorts weather! So here are a few shots of my greatest loves from yesterday.


tara said...

dang that photo of them the b/w is WOW gorgeous!

Susie said...

Gotta love So. CA!

Sarah is entering this stage where she doesn't understand her daddy is TDY, but she misses him and says so! I feel so bad for her!

Susie said...

Great photos, too, J. I have the inability to get them that sharp or that creamy of B & W. I need a lesson!

mari said...

adorable jj!