Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Did everyone have as glorious a weekend as we did? Seriously, you could not have ordered more perfect weather in Minnesota.

2. This here is an endorsement for the organic strawberry preserves we picked up at Costco last weekend. Too bad we've deduced that Fisher is probably allergic to citrus, because he freaking loves that jam. Loves.

3. Ron celebrated his birthday over the weekend - lucky boy got a three-day birthday weekend! Lucky Alla got to help blow out the candles. I swear, she gets more excited for holidays and celebrations than the person being celebrated. Today she told me in a cute whisper that we needed to have a talk about Father's Day. She's planning to take Daddy to the zoo. I think that is absolutely tops on his Father's Day wish list, don't you?
4. Lucky we had some friends over to help celebrate the birthday, who took this lovely photo of the three of us. We party too late for the baby to join in.

5. There is no way I could resist this comparison. 6. Fisher eats a real nice breakfast and lunch and then usually has a snack before bath, because then he nurses at bedtime. This might change to a full-on dinner once we're not outside til the moment before bathtime, or when he's going to bed later, but for the moment it's just a snack that we can bring outside to eat.

7. Today that was a banana. So I pulled up a chair for him and he sat right there like a big ol' kiddo and ate it. (Til Daddy pulled up and he wanted out so he could go get in the car and drive. Loves to "drive" Daddy's car.)

8. We eat a lot of bananas in this house. Ron bought two big bunches yesterday and there are only four left. We have to make a banana run mid-week, every week.
9. We've had just about zero rain so far this spring, and as a result have some pretty dehydrated grass. Yes, we could water it. Really, it's hard to get behind the time, effort, and cash it would cost to have the lawn looking like the guy's down the street. It's just grass.
10. Took Alla on a bike ride tonight before dinner, and loved listening to her giddy laugh as I pedaled hard as I could down hills to make us go even faster. I pulled her out of that bike trailer and noticed how long her legs are and how she looks like a kid.


Melanie said...

the similarities continue... our daddy wants to hit the zoo for father's day. and we also go through more bananas than a typical family. it's a good thing the worms don't mind eating all of the peels! ;)

Amy said...

I love your comparison pic--I think you guys (and all of us!) just keep getting better with age!

Megan said...

Fisher looks like he owns the place sitting in that chair and eating the banana. Goodness he is a big boy! The girls are the same way with celebrations. Way more excited than the person who it is for.

Cathy Bolander said...

Such cute photos of the 3 of you & so cute that Alla is already planning Father's Day. Love it. My kids go in phases with bananas. They don't like them right now.

Susie said...

Oh that first picture is just priceless! I hope Fish will grow out of his allergies!!

boo and stacy arnold said...

Bikes rides with your daughter? Is there anything sweeter?

The picture of the 3 of you is too cute! Darling darling darling!!

Sue Thomas said...

The family birthday photo is priceless, j.j.!!!! You all look so happy together!! Love this update!!!!