Wednesday, May 06, 2009

This morning.

Watching last night's Idol. If Adam doesn't win this, I'll have to figure out a way to tell her without breaking her heart.

Discovering salt crumbs from last night's margaritas. Next year maybe we'll hire some mariachis!

Weeding. At least 50 dandelions this morning alone.

Folding. Realizing that giving Fisher an apple when we head out for a run is having adverse effects on whatever shirt he happens to be wearing.

Complimenting the three ponytails Alla put in her hair this morning.

Researching miracle eczema cures. We've got a restricted diet, and nothing we put on him will keep in the moisture. There's just this barrier of dry skin we can't get past. It's super frustrating. I want to help him.

Glimpsing my camera, sitting on the shelf in my closet. On hiatus from the enormous amount of photos taken over Alla's birthday weekend. Maybe we'll take it out today. I've literally taken one photo in May.


Melanie said...

i'm needing to charge the point and shoot, which i also use for videos. note i said need. it hasn't been done yet...

and dude... i loved me some margaritas. then i didn't have one for like two years while pregnant and feeding c. had one like two weeks ago and i wasn't digging it. wth?

Amy said...

Mmmm... margaritas! And the good thing about picking so many weeds is that it means it's warm enough for them to be growing!

Elizabeth said...

Not sure where the ecxema (sp) is, but Maddie has it behind her ears and it flares up all the time--our pediatrician said to use a small amount of Head and Shoulders shampoo to wash it, then apply Cortaid twice a day. Totally clears it up. You just have to keep doing it even after you think it's all gone, at least for a few days.

Renee said...

I completely feel Fisher's pain...i'm afraid he got the eczema from the Killins side ;) I find that hydrocortizone works best for mine (is there a low dose prescription for children?) also, when we were kids, my mom would put a little bit of baby oil (you could mix some with his lotion or apply it directly) on us at night right after our baths (that helped keep the moisture in a lot!!). Hope that helps!

Tasha said...

I totally understand what Fish is going through. I feel his pain. But please know there is light at the end of the tunnel. It will take constant trying this and that to get it under complete control. I suggest Eucerin in the jar (a lot), not the pour lotion kind. Aquaphor is good too. Everyday, all day applying it like it's routine every 2 hours. When he bathes it may sound unclean, but only clean his need to be cleaned parts ;) no rubbing on his legs and arms, and no long time baths, like 5min max, make sure he's dry completely before applying said lotions, not wet. Don't worry, he's at a good age with a caring mom who's really trying to nip it in the bud. Jada had it too, but because of my own personal experience with it, her skin is glowing beautiful with not a trace of it to be seen. Hang in there! And make sure he is heavily lubricated, always! His skin will begin to moisten up naturally.Hydrocortizone on flare up spots is great to clear those up.
Sorry so long!

pakosta said...

take some pictures today. it would have been cute to have a photo of her 3 pony tails LOL>>>!

I wonder if what my neighbor used on her baby's bum rash would work--he has super sensitive skin. the Dr. had her pour Mylanta on the rash and blow dry it til it formed a that every day til it goes away. it worked for him.
My niece has horrible food allergies to beef & chocolate among other things and her eczema is HORRIFIC! i mean, some days she looks like she has been burned the patches are so bad. I will ask my sister in law what they use for it.....
cause some days it's not bad at all and others it's bad. I know the one thing she told me is you have to bathe them every day and put the lotion or whatever you use on when the skin is still somewhat wet & let it soak in, then apply another layer of it before you dress him. LOTS of work, but maybe worth it!!

Sue Thomas said...

For alla I will say, goooooo Adam!!! LOL!!! Poor fisher!!!! I hope you are able to find something that gives him some relief! I have a prescription for hydrocortizone and it really helps me.

Terry said...

You might think I'm crazy but when Meghan was a baby and having dry skin problems, the doctor said to try Crisco. It did the trick. Kept in enough moisture without any additives, perfumes, etc.