Friday, May 01, 2009

Green x 3.

No. 1: These happy little eggs have been growing some pretty long hair on my windowsill for a couple weeks now. The girl and I took them outside this morning and planted them next to her tree.No. 2: Itty maple leaves shot out of their buds a week ago. Literally overnight. One afternoon there were tight little buds, the next day we had full-blown, albeit teensy, leaves. Ah, spring. No. 3: Our green little pre-walker. Had to post this now, as I'm sure that within a few weeks he won't be quite so green. Alla walked on Father's Day, so I call Mother's Day for Fish. And by "walking" I mean that point where they suddenly don't turn back, where they once and for all decide that the two-legged method is preferable to all-fours.
Happy weekend, all! It's Pizza Friday!


Amy said...

I love green! Indeed, happy Friday!

Cathy Bolander said...

So cute. I love those 1 year old steps.

Sara said...

I love the video. I laughed out loud.

Katie said...

Oh, I miss pizza Fridays with the Killins.

Glad to see spring is in the air in MN!