Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Comparing: first day to last day.

Yesterday was Alla's last day of school. Of course I can't resist a photo of her on her last day because I'm already thinking of the comparison to that first day in September. So one more year then she's off to kindergarten? Hmph?

I can't believe what a difference a [school] year makes. Writing the alphabet, sounding out words, continuing to be quite the artist/crafter, enjoying her quiet time for telling stories, loving books.
We love you, Alla Rees! We are so very proud of you.


Elizabeth said...

I love how much longer her legs look in photo #2! Alla, Gracie, and Lily will all start kindergarten at the same time : )

Susan said...

yaaaaaaaaaay alla!
i can't believe how similar the shots are in detail... and how much you can see that she's grown... totally priceless! :)

Amy said...

Love the comparison! You did an awesome job setting up those photos, Momma. Can't believe it's only 1 more year til Kindergarten!

Katie said...

One more year, really? That means Kelsea only has two more years? Sigh. I can't believe she's writing the alphabet already! Maybe an author or an illustrator in the making!? :-)

Um, BTW is Alla like 99th percentile for height? She looks so tall with those long legs dangling off the chair?