Friday, May 08, 2009


Green smoothies all around. Yum. I fully believe I have the hardest working blender in show business, and deserve to have one of these.
Pancakes, wheat-free of course. Yum.
Alla said to me, I never had pancakes when it wasn't the weekends before! Well, kid, I've got a few more days to try for my Mom of the Year Award, so I thought I'd just do it up big on a beautiful Friday morning.


Cathy Bolander said...

How funny! I'm working hard on that mom of the year award too. Made pancakes for everyone this am too. And oh yeah... can you please tell me what's in that green smoothie? I may want to try.

Katie said...

Yah, I'm out of the running for the Mom of the Year award. But luckily my kids still love me...most of the time.

And I agree, you have definitely earned that blender.

Megan said...

That's funny that she has never had pancakes except for the on "weekends". She is too funny. And I think Fisher gets cutier every time I see a new picture. I would like to know what's in that smoothie too. Looks yummy! I think I lost the MOTY award for this year. But I'll give you a run for your money next year-haa

Elizabeth said...

Look at all those teeth Fisher has!!

We use the exact same cups for smoothies in our house--they are set aside just for that purpose : )

Amy said...

Rich and I were just discussing the fact that our $40 Oster blender (that we got at our wedding!) is still going strong. I keep waiting for it to crap out, but it just won't! I'd love to upgrade to that sports car model you've got your eye on!

Oh, and can you share your smoothie recipe please?