Monday, May 11, 2009

Make it last.

I think we can officially say that here, now. Have I said it yet? If so, then, really, it bears repeating: It's Spring! If not, then you are getting how joyful we are about the change of seasons. I always feel like it actually happens a little too fast. You have this looooooong winter, and are just itching for like 40-50 degrees, and then suddenly it's regularly a high of 60 and then 70 and you see how it will soon be summer and while that's wonderful, it's sort of the best weather of the year, and after that it's all downhill til you're in the winter doldrums again, putting on full body gear just to go out and get the mail. The solution, I suppose, is to celebrate every little moment, in an attempt to slow it down as much as possible and make the outside season last and last. So that's what we're doing. After breakfast, outside for half an hour before F's nap. After that nap, outside til lunch. After afternoon naps, outside until we have to drag them in for baths and bedtime and dinner.
Something I'm looking forward to this warm season: picnics. Kind of a hard thing to do with a baby, maybe, but it just sounds so wonderful, so I put it on our list of things we want to do. Fisher's practicing by having his pear out there on the driveway.


Cathy Bolander said...

I love that face with food in his mouth. WE too spend as much time outside as possible in our backyard trying to soak up spring before the sun is too hot for my fair skinned Jojo.

pakosta said...

well we are actually getting spring this year!! usually we go from 30-40 to 80 degrees over night! but it's actually been in the 60-70 range and it's amazing!!!!!!! I am just enjoying this part of spring for however long it goes. not long around here I don't thinK! we are just south of chicago enough that there is a weather difference. it's so odd!