Wednesday, May 13, 2009


We spend quite a bit of time "weed-punching" those pesky (but pretty) dandelions. One of these years all our hard work will reward us and they won't come back. Ron likes to do this in his jammies. Which he puts on when he gets home from work. Love you, babe. Alla of course thinks the weeds are beautiful, which they kind of are, especially the little purple ones. She likes to bring them to you to put in your hair, and then model the ones she's had Daddy put in hers.
I just love her.


Cathy Bolander said...

I love that Ron puts little flowers in her hair. Not something I get to experience. So sweet!

Dre said...

she is getting so big!

Susie said...

WE can't get over the amount of dandelions showing up in yards around here- and how QUICKLY they grow after you mow. Crazy. I think we need some weed-be-gone.

Do you think if I weed in my pajamas, too, I might like it better? hee-hee.