Monday, January 25, 2010

Counter help.

Here are my two little loves, front and center ready to hep-uh-mama (help Mama), standing there on their chairs. It's all fun and games until someone falls off, and, yes, they both have. Ha!
Today is Monday and I imagine they'll be up there a lot, as I've decided on two kitchen projects: make a new play dough color (Fisher told me yesterday while they were playing with the last batch: I love it, Mommy. Very matter-of-fact-like.), and make some Fisher-safe cookies. The latter, of course, is no easy feat. No dairy, no wheat, no citrus, and low-sugar. We will be triumphant.
Here's hoping your Monday is wonderful!


Jen said...

Can you use Splenda in baking for Fisher? I've used it before, with reasonable success, except that it doesn't brown like sugar, but I don't know if Splenda is allowed for him.

Megan said...

That last picture looks like he is ready to dive over the counter into something messy! And Alla looks like such a young lady in these. Love the pictures.

Marie said...

Love that smile of Alla's in the second shot-the "I'm still smiling because Mama is still taking pictures but really I've moved on." I get that ALL THE TIME. :)

pakosta said...

super cute jj!

Susan Weinroth said...

if ANYONE can make cookies that fit that description absolutely scrumptious, it is you. i have no doubt ;) LOVE the pics :)