Thursday, January 28, 2010

Things I say, every day.

this is an inconclusive list of stuff i say, every day:

hi, fisher!
good morning, sweet pea
wanna snuggle mama?
it's gonna cost you
ready nur-nurse?
change you
let's check you
what do you want for breakfast/lunch?
would you like some moo-moo?
vitamin D
time for your shot
home again home again, jiggity jog
warm cloth
zip it.
shoes off, hands washed
time for night night
i love yous
love you
sweet girl
how was your day
holy jeez
clean up your art stuff
time for dinner!
alla can you get napkins for everyone, please?
see you in the morning!


pakosta said...

too funny!
Love the "zip it" I say that often, and I don't mean their coat either LOL! love it jj!

Megan said...

What's up with the blogging every day? Good for you, friend! I tell the kids that it's going to cost them all the time. They usually owe a kiss or hug. Jacob kisses my cheek and the girls opt for squeezy hugs. Love this post!

Katie said...

I'm afraid to write what I say down.

Marie said...

hahahaha-fisher what did you do. exactly. except replace Charlie's name :)

shelbyvaladez said...

love the list! I see some very familiar things to the things I say! Must be a mom thing :)