Monday, January 11, 2010

Ten on Tuesday.

1. It's my first Ten on Tuesday for 2010! Hip Hip Hooray!

2. It's already 22 degrees today, and heading further up. Steamy.

3. If the children had their way, dinners would go like this: we'd eat crispy chicken and french fries, then chili and cornbread, then tacos, then back to crispy chicken and french fries. Fisher would gladly eat some black bean soup and sweeties, and both of them will gobble up a hamburger. And then start the rotation over again.

4. So, in their humble collective opinion, the delicious split pea soup recipe last night did not make it into the rotation. I believe Alla called it 'ogre food.'

5. People always ask what I'm going to do for my birthday, and I generally say that we will be having a kid-friendly dinner (to avoid #4, see above) and cupcakes. I will not have fussing on my birthday. Do you hear that, children?

6. Happy Birthday, Mazie Moo:)

7. I'm completely out of dark chocolate. And (soy) ice cream. It's a travesty. But. There will be cupcakes tomorrow.

8. I finished The Help! Wonderful.

9. I'm onto The Girls From Ames.

10. A share from one of these January days (I'm in the midst of a photo-a-day for the month of January). This is Fisher's nice smile face. I make him do it a bunch cause I love it. And that's one of his new words, too: Because, Mommy.


Melanie said...

fisher and c could have a nice smile contest. lol :)

Megan said...

Mazie says, "thank you"! And she is enjoying her strawberry star cake right now!

Marie said...

hee hee-i love that face. and sadly our greek chicken pitas will not be making it into the rotation either.

Susie said...

Ogre food- hee- hee. WOuldn't that be fun to dress up for, though?

Katie said...

I'm jealous (really jealous) of your ability to find time to read. How, when?

Amy said...

re: #5. I hope your kiddos get the message! Mine certainly didn't get it on my birthday. But I still felt loved!

So, I hope you, too, feel lots of love tomorrow--because you certainly are! :-)

Samantha said...

You are right - Fisher's picture face is worse. :)

Dre said...

cracking up at ogre food!! lol