Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ten on Tuesday.

1. You know it will be a good day when you begin with a big, puffy pancake.2. Naptime around here. Some days she just cannot wait to get in there and tell her stories. 3. Fisher loves the book Purplicious. We love it when he picks that one for bedtime cause he asks us to read "Purple Dishes."

4. The cookies went over too splendidly yesterday. We decided on an old oatmeal breakfast cookie recipe from my dear sister in law, Kyra, just gussied up to fit our no-wheat diet. I've been making those cookies since Alla was in my belly and we visited them in Coronado. Back to the story. For snack yesterday each of us had two cookies, a third of a banana, and a glass of milk. Good snack, I thought. Fisher DEMANDED more cookies and threw an absolute fit when he didn't get them. We had some more today, though, and it went much better. He hasn't learned to slow down, though. That kid can inhale some cookies.

5. Some days she dresses up for a wedding celebration, and on those days she tells Daddy that he must go get his house coat and a tie because he is her prince. And it's really hard for him to stop laughing at this. But he does for a split second because she wants her picture taken with her Daddy.6. The play dough (from yesterday) was orange. Big hit.

7. This week marks five years as a stay at home mom for me.
8. Today we're soaking up the sunshine after several days of gloominess.
9. Finished The Girls from Ames. Moving onto Guernsey.
10. Can you handle one more cute photo of cutie siblings cuddling up with each other and books today at naptime under blankets?


Megan said...

1. Jacob is all about Purplicious, Pinkalicious, and now Goldilicious. He actually tells the story as he remembers them. Those books aren't just for girls, you know!
2. I love Ron's attire, especially the Burger King crown!
3. Alla, you make a beautiful princess!
4. I would love your recipe for playdough. Mine does not hold up or last very long.
Great 10!

Amy said...

Oh, of course I can handle another photo of sibling cuteness! Please keep bringing 'em. They just brighten my day!

I love that picture of Alla and Ron, too. Way to go on the cookies! And that pancake looks divine! Can you do wheat? Or do you have to cut it out, too, for Fisher? And is that a wheatless pancake?

(Oh, and we'd LOVE to live near you guys! I don't love the cold and snow all the time, but if I didn't embrace it and if I let it keep me shut inside, we'd go crazy!)

Cathy Bolander said...

Those cookies sound yummy! My Joey is all about cookies too. Johnnie is happy with one...weird kid. And seriously I wish I could read more. So jealous!

Susie said...

Guernsey is so so good! Enjoy your new read.

That first shot is awesome- how do you even make pancakes look so so good?!

Sara said...

The prince picture is the best.

Katie said...

Gosh I can't believe it's been 5 years already.

Love the pictures of Fish and Alla together! Looks like they're ready to add another to the mix. :-)