Friday, January 08, 2010

'Twas merry.

Since we still have our tree up (I don't even notice it anymore), I figure I still have time to get our Christmas post in here. But I better hurry up cause that tree is outta here, this weekend.
Fisher was a little feverish for the couple days before Christmas so he kinda looked like this a lot. But he perked up at some point Christmas Day. Coulda been the vacuum Santa brought. Or the many diggers and trucks. Or books about such vehicles.Nana and Pappi came for the holiday, which might have been their favorite part.Santa brought Alla these sparkling shoes, which she swears will never be outside shoes cause she always wants to wear them inside, so I now have silver sparkles everywhere.We make the kids suffer through the traditional kids-in-wrapping-paper-photo, although Alla is pretty much beyond the suffering aspect, and now helping to console the littlest Killins, who is very much into the suffering aspect.She will pretty much do whatever you ask her. On Christmas Day, anyway.On Christmas Eve, Ron surprised me with jammies to match the ones we'd gotten the kids, so here we are in our matching glory. I'm having trouble figuring out how to get the kids to match again next year, as Miss Alla moves out of the toddler sizes and into little girls. Sigh.

We had a lovely lovely Christmas, lots of surprises, goodness, treats. A roast in the crockpot, roasted veggies and biscuits. Nana and Alla made Christmas cookies. I accidentally flattened the air out of my meringue cookies by adding some flour, and what do you know I discovered I liked that version better - a chewy peppermint meringue with chocolate chips!

Perhaps the best part was the magical little video I shot on Christmas morning, and if it weren't so dark (because it was dark here at 7:30 am when the kids woke up), I'd post it. But it went something like this:

I hear Alla tiptoe out of her room (Fisher was already in bed with us nursing), toward the living room instead of our room. I hear a little gasp and see from behind that she's covered her mouth in wonder. After taking it all in, she hurriedly tiptoes back to our room and tells us that Santa has come and left lots of presents.

It's magic, I tell you, to hear it all and see how firmly she believes.


Megan said...

My kiddos were the same about all the presents under the tree. Jamie, I think, has decided that there is no Santa but realizes that Mazie still at the very least wants to believe so she goes with it. All three kids joined us in our bed for a pre-Christmas-unwrapping-craziness-snuggle! Then we just couldn't wait any longer. I just love listening to the kids be genuinely surprised at the things that are wrapped. The excitement is magical!

Cathy Bolander said...

I love the way this post was written. I feel like I was in your home Christmas morning. Love the matching jammies on everyone. And I will totally sad when all my boys can't wear matching jammies.

Susie said...

I love it... Love it all! ESP. Your cutie pie Jammie and video description! Oh fun!!

Amy said...

Those matching jammies are awesome! And what a wonderful way to sum up your holiday. :-)

Katie said...

Merry Christmas Killins! I was thinking the same thing this year..will I be able to find matching 5T jammies? I think carters still carries 5T footies, but next year may be our last. Sigh.

And Kelsea would die for a pair of those sparkly shoes. Why can't they figure out how to keep the glitter on the clothing items?

Norina said...

GREAT jammies!