Thursday, May 27, 2010

Celebration Day.

Five keeps getting bigger. And we're only a month and a day into five. Today Alla graduated from preschool. I spent every minute of the day mesmerized by her, taking it all in so I can remember this very special day. When we walked in, the kids' self-portraits and signatures were up on the wall. I asked Alla later why her name was now "Alta," but she huffed at me and said that second l has arms. Duh. They entered in a line, which Alla later told me was a little embarrassing, and then the celebration began, singing, dancing, and then they each got a diploma and memory binder.
After refreshments they all got busy with the preschool version of signing yearbooks - signing graduation teddy bears. Let me tell you, this took some explaining but once they got it, they went around to each other with their skinny Crayola markers and kind of stood in front of each other until the exchange happened. Then onto the next classmate.
I watched her at dinnertime and just ended up staring. She's pretty, smart, funny, quiet and loud, thoughtful, kind.
Thankfully it's only preschool graduation, but it's still graduation. I felt a little bit of what summer is to a kid after a big milestone year, work done, a gift or two bestowed, congratulations given, and a whole entire summer of nothing to do lying ahead of her.
We are so proud of you, little girl. I love that summer stretches long before us with hot days and sunshine. Love yous.


Megan said...

That is one pretty dress, Miss Alla. I bet you are so ready for Kindergarten!

Cathy Bolander said...

Congrats Alla! That's so great about you graduating. And you look lovely!

Katie said...

You look beautiful Alla! Congratulations on your big day. I'm sure I'll cry when Kelsea "graduates" from Little Aviators next year.