Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Butterflies, trains, and putting out fires.

Took the kids to Como a Friday or two ago. I heard it is the last year for the butterfly house, which we have enjoyed every summer it's been there. It's hard to resist about a million gorgeous butterflies landing all around you.
And sometimes on you!
Fisher actually loved that exhibit this year, delighting in each and every butterfly he spied, so that meant about a hundred different delights.
After we meandered through the highlights of the zoo, we headed over for the amusements.

We had been telling Fisher about the fire truck ride, about how he could hurry hurry spray the fire, hurry hurry spray the fire, hurry hurry spray the fire, ding ding ding ding ding, ding! So he sang that song the whole ride, and they ended up going on again right before we left. He loved it.
What kid doesn't like a good old choo-choo?
Alla likes to squish her poor little brother's face toward the camera. Nice.
I think she might be saying choo choo here!
Como was a big hit as usual!
We're just warming up for the State Fair.


Megan said...

Those are some gorgeous butterfly pictures. What a shame if that goes away.

Sara said...

Love love love this post. Just can't get over how big they have gotten.

Elizabeth said...

Your pictures always stop me in my tracks! We're gearing up for the fair here, too. Starts tomorrow!

Happy 8th Anniversary : )

Mel said...

are you using a macro lens for your butterfly shots or your prime lens? Gorgeous!!