Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ten on Tuesday.

1. The sunflower is magically opening! Photos to come.

2. Alla started "fall" soccer tonight. Which I think means that most of it takes place in the fall.

3. We sat on the field for her first "fall" soccer practice and we got eaten alive by the mosquitos.

4. Fisher spotted a street lamp while we were there and said that it was a flashlight but the reason it didn't work was because the battery was dead so "you hap to tuwn it on."

5. Kindergarten countdown: one week from today.

6. Tomorrow is Open House at Alla's school - she gets to meet her teacher! She is over the moon.

7. I seriously hope her listening skills at school are much better than the ones she uses at home.

8. Just a friendly little PSA: check your diaper bags, purses, totes, etc., for leftover snacks. After noticing some fruit flies in our coat closet, I was encouraged by the husband to check the diaper bag I haven't used in ages. Needless to say, the bag got thrown quickly into the garage, all the contents tossed, and is going to live in the garage until the washer is free. No idea what was actually rotting in there.

9. This Saturday = State Fair!

10. Favorite books this week: The Mysterious Tadpole (Alla) and Go, Dog, Go! (Fisher)


Melanie said...

ugh - i hope you're able to get rid of the fruit flies quickly. they are nasty things!

Anonymous said...

Go Dog Go is still one of our favorites around here! Alla will be so much better at school. It's just because you are mom and they know how to push your buttons. Strangers are easier to be good for, I guess! And, gross on the whole diaper bag thing. Yuck-haa!

Mindi said...

- When we did fall soccer, it was Saturday morning, and it meant bring your mittens for the last few games.
- I've had the little surprise in the diaper bag before. Thankfully, mine was still enclosed in a ziploc. But gross, nonetheless.
- Oh man, we are having the listening thing too. Like I am talking to a cute little brick wall.