Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ten on Tuesday.

1. So, this summer I've really come to the realization that I'm not a morning person. Maybe it's just that Ron saying it for the one millionth time has finally made it hit home. Truth be told, if I were a morning person I'd be up before the kids, dishes done, breakfast ready, have already gone for a run and had a cup of coffee. The real me is going to eek out every moment of sleep until the kids come and wake me, and then when they do, I'm going to try and convince them to come and lay (I mean sleep) with Mama.

2. I also can no longer do the splits. Tight hammies.

3. The house is painted!

4. Fisher cannot get enough of zucchini muffins. He's very sad that they're gone.

5. Fisher also cannot get enough of banana-oat bars, which I think he's calling 'ganona bars,' or granola bars, so we'll just go with that. He's very sad that they're gone.

6. Fisher also just realized that he loves roasted beets.

7. Kindergarten countdown: 2 weeks. Two weeks?!?!!??

8. I am the worst shoe-buyer-for-my-kids ever. Starting over.

9. Fisher got some hand-me-down Wall-E jammies from our friends and the kid will not get out of them. Today he was still in them when he woke up from nap and would still have been if we hadn't been heading out to the Farmer's Market. I tried to get an actual outfit on him before nap, but he told me he liked his Wall-E jammies. What he actually said was, They're berry nice.

10. The children walked into our room this morning at 6:23 am, so I promptly walked their little butts back to their beds and told them number one it is still dark and number two the rule in this house is seven a.m. so go back to sleep. I got a reprieve until seven-something. Totally do-able, thank you little children.


Megan said...

It sounds to me that you need to get your baking going~haa. I guess I'm a morning person then. I get up before everyone else so I can run solo or I don't get to run.

jody said...

no mornings for me either! Luckily my kid is also not a morning person. We have made apple fritters and banana bread with chocolate chips this week...can i run with you sometime? :-)

Elizabeth said...

this school year is going to do me in, because I'm going to have to turn into morning mama to get everyone out of the door properly. I am the same mama as you, where I don't get up usually until they come drag me up (and the rule is the same--7 or after, thankyouverymuch).

Gracie started K today! All these little babies.

Andy & Susie said...

Lauren is definitely our morning person around here. She walks up to the blinds, looks for a bright light and announces, "It's Mow-ning!" ANd she's not too happy about that announcement that it's not time to get up yet either. I wish I could wait until 7AM to get up! Enjoy your last couple of weeks of summer!

Cathy Bolander said...

WOW! 7am. So jealous. My boys are usually up between 6-6:15am. I get up at 5 to get the dishes put away, breakfasts & lunches made, myself showered & ready so that I'm ready for the day. I'm sure my boys will learn to sleep in as soon as they have to go to school everyday.

Katie said...

I am not really a morning person either, but I am really not a night person either...so what does that make me? :-) as for shoes, I had been putting Lorelei in size 5 shoes, come to find out she is a 6 1/2...oops! :-)