Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lunch to go.

We didn't have the energy to try the beach again today, probably because the sun was out in full force. So we read, painted, played, and then at 10:30 decided to make lunch and pack it up for a picnic at the park. Again, I ran in and grabbed the point-and-shoot. Love that thing.
Fisher was in charge of the picnic basket. He wouldn't take off his Wall-E pajama top. Whatever.
I love that kid.
And this one.
She spent the morning collecting nuts, presumably for the squirrels.
And then pushing Lily in the swing.
What a beautiful [hot] sun!
I did mention it was hot, right?

Time to eat, Alla.
We got right to eating and stopped with the pictures, but I did remember that one September I snapped a photo of her here, so I put her right back on that spot to compare. You can't really tell that she's under the picnic shelter on the same table, but I know.


pakosta said...

I just enjoy seeing pix of them and hearing about your days so very much!!! Keep posting friend!!!
your kiddos are just adorable! looks like you are knowing how to really use your point & shoot toO!

Cathy Bolander said...

What a wonderful day. And in that first pic of Alla she looks like such a big girl. And I love that Fisher wouldn't take off his pjs.

Katie said...

Oh how they grow! So much fun to look back and see the changes.