Saturday, August 07, 2010


That we actually did go out for our anniversary! Here we are driving five houses away to drop the kids off at our friends' house. They were most excited to just sit in the backseat not in any kind of way strapped in. We had a two-hour, uninterrupted dinner for which we are so very grateful to our friends Craig and Nicole! Fisher was bathed and in jammies when we got back! Thanks for a wonderful eight years, babe. Here's to eighty more!


Megan said...

So 88 years is all you can be married? Why not just say to another 92 so you can make it to 100? You are shooting too low, my dear friend! Just kidding. Happy Anniversary to you both! LOVE YOU!

Cathy Bolander said...

YOu guys look great. Happy 8 years.

pakosta said...

You look amazing JJ!
happy anniversary to you both!
so happy you guys have each other, you are a fabulous looking beautiful couple!

Katie said...

Who knew we would one day cherish a simple meal with our husband? You guys both look lovely. Happy (belated) Anniversary.