Monday, August 16, 2010

Sunday ride.

Yesterday was the most gorgeous day, so Alla and I were off on another adventure.We put on our new sneaks and headed out.We had a destination in mind, one from our summer list, but there was lots to see along the way.Like this amazing sky that followed us everywhere.Under-the-street murals.Egrets.The Shoreview north water tower. I recently read it would cost 950K to paint the south one.
Giant sunflowers.Great hills.And then, forty-five minutes or so later, our destination.Golden Lake Park, isn't it lovely?

You can't go wrong with a park and a lake put together.

What a really nice Sunday afternoon with my beautiful daughter.


Megan said...

That sounds like a wonderful outing!

Cathy Bolander said...

What a wonderful day for a mama & daughter.

pakosta said...

How PERFECT! I truly need to make a point to take each of my girls out on a date w/ mama SOON>! they love that!

Katie said...

That does look lovely.