Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ten on...Wednesday.

1. My husband hijacked my computer last night, so now it's Wednesday. I'm totally blaming him.

2. Kindergarten countdown: three weeks from today she'll be IN kindergarten. Sigh.

3. The backpacks have arrived and are hanging on hooks, just waiting. Pictures will not be taken until September.

4. Shoes arrived, too, however, since I am the worst about sizes, both kids shoes have to be exchanged. Fisher's were too big, Alla's too small. Ugh.

5. Yesterday our next-door neighbor (she's 16) gave Alla some of her old Polly Pockets. I seriously cannot think of a more perfect toy for a five-year-old. She's in story-telling heaven.

6. Fisher is now saying marshMEWwohws instead of marshFEHwohws and avocaDOH instead of kamama. Don't know where he got that last one but it's been around since he could talk.

7. Last week our friends on the street behind ours had a tree stump removed. Of course the machinery that removed it is named "Stumper," and it was the highlight of Fisher's week.

8. The highlight of this week was probably yesterday morning, seeing the crane at the hospital where we went for his quarterly check-up. At some point, the construction will be over, and that crane will go away. Then what will I do? We came out of his appointment yesterday and he said, That was fuh-uhn!

9. Alla's favorite show at the moment is Sid the Science Kid, and the movie she watched last weekend was Horton Hears a Who.

10. The big news this week: Alla learned to tie her shoes!


Megan said...

Tying shoes? I think she is pretty ready for school then!

We have lots of big trucks around here because of all the roof replacements going on. Just sayin'.

pakosta said...

I remember savannah learning to tie her shoes back in kindy! so cute! ava took a lot longer to learn! like 2nd grade! she was late on riding a bike too, just this summer at 9!!!
oh you will be happy to know, alla will play with those polly pockets forever! mine still play with ours!

Melanie said...

a big congrats to A on the shoe tying - that's awesome!