Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Buh-bye, Dada.

This is where he parks himself in the morning to watch Daddy go. And yells out the open window, Buh-Bye! about a million times and loud enough that Ron says he can still hear him when he's reached the corner, four houses down. He purposely leaves his windows down just for that, of course, wouldn't you?

I have usually drug myself into the comfy chair in the corner and am laying there, eyes half-open watching this sweetness. Today, though, thought I better grab the camera, cause I knew I had a similar shot of his big sister. I absolutely love comparison shots. It's one of the greatest things about having two kids!

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Norina said...

Maybe I'm pmsing or this is just that cute but I actually got all teary eyed reading this one! They are so sweet aren't they? Makes you want to never leave...