Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wednesday ten.

Really, it's one of those weeks, there's not a lot going on, or at least nothing out of the ordinary. So I thought I'd highlight the ordinary, since the ordinary is the stuff our regular days, and I wouldn't want to forget.

1. Alla and I went to the dentist this morning. They tried again to x-ray her but no joy. She is, however, part of the cavity-free club:)

2. Fisher did not like Mama being gone that whole hour and Daddy said he cried for at least half of it. That makes Mama a bit uneasy about ECFE classes starting in a few weeks, as he'll be apart from me for the last half of the class - yikes.

3. Because of the early morning dentist appointments, I missed my morning cup of coffee, and even though I was able to make one real quick before lunch, I must have waited too long and am now suffering a giant caffeine-withdrawal headache.

4. Mid-morning we met up with Mom friends and went for a walk/bike ride around Sucker Lake, then played on the playground after.

5. We rushed home so as not to risk Fisher falling asleep in the car.

6. UPS brought some shea butter from Mountain Rose. Lovely.

7. We eat lunch early now, around 11:45ish, so Fisher can get down for his nap shortly after. Fingers crossed for another good nap day.

8. Alla and I had chocolate chip cookies after she watched Clifford. Must make more of those.

9. I have a meal almost ready to be delivered to a fellow Mom who just had her second baby: Mustard Roasted Chicken, salad full of farmer's market goodness, and a Busy-Day Cake with Broiled Coconut Topping. Yum.

10. Alla is seriously looking forward to the weekend - it's State Fair time!


Megan said...

That dinner sounds fabulous! yay for the state fair. Is she going to ride the rides this year?

Samantha said...

Please deliver that meal here! It sounds fabulous!

Norina said...

That dinner made me drool....yummm!

kimberly said...

Man I wish I had you around to bring me that yummy dinner when I had my baby. Maybe my next one in a few years if there is one. And I like your ordinary day... it actually didn't sound so ordinary.

Love Bug Kids - said...

Looks like you are having a fun summer...I've been away from the blogger world for awhile, but I'm back and enjoyed catching up with your family. :)