Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ten on Tuesday.

1. I finally finished Crossing to Safety. Good, slow, but rich. Similar to East of Eden. I then got sucked into Twilight, have now finished it, and am eagerly awaiting the next book to be ready for me at the library. I don't know what the appeal is of vampires.

2. It's Tuesday, which to me means Ten on Tuesday and Farmer's Market, but to Fisher means kah-kuk day! Trash truck day!

3. My kids can tear up a rotisserie chicken. And a bag of Snappea Crisps.

4. Have I mentioned lately that I love home? Here's a little corner I love for reading, adding journaling to the photos in those photo albums, reading to Alla before dinner, watching the rain. And apparently it's a good spot for using your laptop, too, but I wouldn't know anything about that.
5. The coffee table project was completed about three weeks ago and we are now thoroughly enjoying it's supreme functionality. If you visited us at our apartment in the parking lot of a mortuary in Ohio, then you may remember this coffee table. Catie and I sealed my wedding invitation envelopes on them. The Clarks, Cobbs, soon-to-be Derenzos, and soon-to-be Killinses all rang in the New Year 2002 around it while playing Catch Phrase. See, it had history, we had to keep it.
6. Target doesn't seem to be selling Guittard's chocolate anymore. Ugh. This is putting a damper in my chocolate chip eating habit. Ghirardelli is not as good.
7. Fisher loves the wagon (wah-wo or ag-in), but more than he loves actually being transported in it, he loves the buckles. It used to be that he would say "I did it!" when he actually did do it, get those buckles together, that is. Now it's also being used as a verb, so that when he's getting frustrated he'll tell you, I did it! I did it!, in a tone that sounds more like helpmedothisrightnowmommmmeeeee!!!

8. So far with our zucchini, we have made muffins, added it to quinoa, sauteed it, and roasted it. But today was just the best ever. Zucchini cake with vanilla frosting. Oh, yum. There doesn't need to be a reason to make a cake, right? Just a typical Monday.

9. The kids love the garden. Alla will be in the backyard and then run screaming out to me, shouting, Mama there are red ripe tomatoes! Fisher will then be drawn to the garden and immediately start looking for kee-bees, also known as the aforementioned zucchini. And he does not understand when they are not quite ready for the pickin'. He just keeps pointing and crouching and walking around to the other side, all the while saying kee-bee and hoping I will understand that Mama there are zucchini there please pick them so I can carry them inside.
10. Alla is on day four of listening to Knock Three Times by Tony Orlando and Dawn on repeat during her quiet time. Yes, that same song for two hours. Just like me, she was born in the wrong decade.

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Megan said...

I remember the coffee table at the mortuary apt. We were there New Years eve but was very prego and too tired to last past midnight. We also watched Silence of the Lambs there too if I remember correctly. Oh and Hershey's is the best chocolate. Isn't your husband from PA-jeez-HAA!