Monday, August 17, 2009

New days around here.

The littlest one is no longer taking a morning nap. We're on day three of that. It is going oh-kay. First day, bad. Yesterday, good. Today, good until now when he's woken up short of two hours even. It shall be a long afternoon.
Partly I'm glad that there's one less piece of a schedule to worry about. Partly I'm sad that I don't have that one on one time with Alla in the morning. Though we did whip up a zucchini cake and vanilla frosting when he went down this afternoon, before her quiet time.
Partly I'm glad that we have the whole morning, the three of us, to do all sorts of fun things!
Partly I'm like, what are we going to do all morning??


Melanie said...

we're still hanging onto the morning nap here - i'm glad! considering she naps less than an hour in the afternoon i'll take all i can get!

Megan said...

You'll fill that morning time before you know it. He'll figure out that one nap soon. It took Jamie about a week before she realized she could sleep as long as she wanted and then she napped like that until just before turning 5. There's hope for you!

Cathy Bolander said...

I love how worn out he looks but still so cute. I often think what will I do to entertain all 3 of them? Good luck!

SanJosemommyof2 said...

I was so glad to drop that morning nap! It's so tough with a morning napper and an older kid that wants to be out and about! It felt like we could fit more in the day! Otherwise it was like " how much can I squeeze into the lunchtime hour or the late afternoon.. hehe

Megan- Im very jealous of your almost-5-year-old nap!!

Missy said...

that's what's been going on around here too:) PS- when you put your copyright on your pictures, do you do it one picture at a time or can you do them all as you load them in? What about when you want to print them? Can you take it off?

Samantha said...

I HATE transition times - all those same thoughts go through my head - but I think you'll be in a good routine and loving it soon!