Friday, August 21, 2009

One park, a million pictures.

I do not know why going to a new park caused me to bring my camera. Furthermore, I don't know why it caused me to snap a bazillion shots. Good light that morning, I think. Yes, that's it. This park is nothing special, lemme tell ya. But it does have an old merry-go-round, which I believe was the kids' favorite. Fisher picked up rocks and tossed them on, Alla did a little dance while she streamed rocks onto it. Neither really spun, but Fisher tried to push it.

Then they discovered the slide.
Slides are definitely meant to be walked up, and then slid down backward, while your baby brother then clobbers you.

It's great when Big Sis goes off to find something else and leaves you to walk up the slide and then fall down it all on your own.

There is an adjacent baseball field, with dugouts and everything. Of course I imagined the kiddos sitting back there for a cute shot, but when we got over there, I slowly backed up after seeing all the peanut shells on the floor. So out we ran to the field and my future Hall-of-Famers ran around.
The cool shade made me want to replicate a similar shot of her at age two, with little brother in the mix. Little brother was not having it.
Last but not least, this is my absolute favorite shot of the day. I hope you can click to make it larger (blogger sometimes is selective on which photos you can do that with), because it is truly better bigger. Oh! Love you, sweetie-pea.


ava said...

i was able to click on it! LOVE IT!
she's gorgeous! great shots! and I LOVE park photos!
miss chatting!

p.s. have you been scrapping?!

ava said...

oops, i am logged on as ava! sorry about that! my kids are really into using the computer lately and even have their own blogs! OY YOY YOY!!!

Sue Thomas said...

Oh my goodness, they are just so cute together, j.j.!!!!!! Looks like a perfect day in the park!!

Norina said...

The one of Fisher at the bottom of the side makes me smile. And I am going to eat Alla's dimples.

Dre said...

i love these pictures!!! xoxo dre