Saturday, August 01, 2009


1. I've had many - gasp! - days this week of not getting to this computer at all. This is kind of the face I make about that.
2. We went to a "new" park today, meaning we hadn't been there in a couple years, and the last time we were there it was to sled down a hill in several feet of snow. 3. Alla's had too many days where Carter + Canton have been on vacation. This is her I'm so glad they're home smile.
4. Tonight we ate breakfast for dinner and watched episode 1 of The Muppet Show. Mahna-Mahna.
5. One morning this week we had breakfast al fresco. This is the hair Fisher woke up with after a shampooing the night before. He looks totally fine with it. Daddy is unhappy with the boy's current hairstyle, and clearly remembers being unhappy with Baby Alla's hairstyle when her bouffont was all the rage.
6. Tomorrow's Sunday. We're trying a park that is actually new to us. And nothing beats breakfast al fresco when it means hot coffee eaten on the deck. Sunday paper will be there, but probably not read until Sunday evening.


boo and stacy arnold said...

Awwwe, that sounds perfect! I need to get me a deck.

JOD said...

We have most of our meals al fresco now. I love my new deck! The kids are getting SO BIG!

Megan said...

I love his hair. It seems to fit him right now just like Alla's did when she had crazy hair!