Monday, August 31, 2009

Annual fair post.

We will probably look back on this fair year and say, Remember that year it was actually chilly? We wore sweatshirts! Or, maybe, the year we went before the food review came out in the Variety section, so we had no idea what to eat, and also I couldn't eat anything anyway so I didn't care. Only time will tell. Either way, we had a blast, as always.

The kiddos were super excited, as always.First rule of The State Fair: first stop is for coffee and mini-donuts.

Or, zucchini-oat muffins brought from home for Mama and Fish. Messy baby.

Definitely climb in the storage sheds for sale. Next time I have $1500 just sitting around, babe, I'll buy you one to turn into a playhouse in the backyard.

The animals were smelly and cute as always. Oh, except cows are not all that cute. Mainly just smelly. Impressive, though. Sorry but all the cows were turned around so this is the view we got.

We were partial to the horses. Goodness they are magnificent creatures, immense, graceful, peaceful, gentle.

Is this inappropriate? Daddy and Fish went on the GIANT slide, so I snapped this of Alla while we waited. ((Insert Giant Slide video here, at some point.))

She does not like Giant Slides, nor does she like Giant Ferris Wheels.

We were there! While we waited for our friends to ride, we demolished a 32 ounce carton of french fries. Yes! There is fair food I can eat, and feed to my son! Nothing like a french fry in a sea of Pronto Pups, I tell you.

She does like the ducky game, however, and is now the proud owner of yet another stuffed ducky.

She is also a huge fan of the fair's carousel, and I think has gone on it every year. Look at her all big now, riding next to Canton instead of Mama (sniff sniff).

Ah, well, little man got his first carousel ride this year, and needed his mama to hold him steady on the horsies. Check out Alla's first ride.

Those three, like Musketeers with their maps trying to lead us to the Kidway.

Fisher digs Canton, aka Can-Can.

At the Kidway Alla got to pick any ride she wanted, so she picked the Fun Slide, little sister to the Giant Slide, I think, and much more fun for her.

Oh she just loved it!

All she wanted was cotton candy. Ask and you shall receive, my dear. Here she's telling me it's cold! Cold!

We arrived at 7:45 and made it to 1:30. Fisher was a TROOPER. Did not nap there, made it all the way home without so much as a yawn, courtesy of the Signing Time theme song on repeat, and then took a 2 hour nap at home.
The stroller was a lifesaver, mostly for Alla, because she could ride out versus throwing a fit about walking (we had no major meltdowns that day, from any of the four kids, amazing!), but it also meant Mama carrying Fisher to the car. Craig saved my arms for a few blocks, since Ron was pushing Alla, til Fisher realized Mama was taking pictures instead of carrying him, how dare I.
What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday with friends.


Elizabeth said...

we missed all the fairs this year, boo. But thank you for letting me live vicariously! That ferris wheel photo is a prize-winner. Nice one. And I love the photo of Alla eating her cotton candy : )

pakosta said...

what awesome memories!
we Must go to the WI or Il state fair next year!

Katie said...

Glad you guys had a lovely time at the Fair again. One of these years we'll join you! :-O

We've had a really cool summer (until last weekend). Global Freezing? :-)

Cathy Bolander said...

It looks like you had fun. Wish we could join you. Why can't you eat anything at the fair? And also I think Katie must live in a different place because it's been warm here most of the summer. It hasn't dropped below 80 more than a week in my town :-0

Amy said...

How fun! I love your matching shirts, too!

Megan said...

I love the "messy boy" photo. And Alla, I don't like giant ferris wheels either. They are too scary for me!