Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Seventeen months.

Oh, sigh, seventeen months already? Eighteen is huge, I remember.

And just as I remember from Alla's early toddler days, we are in this amazing golden time where everything is new and new things happen every single day. Like Fisher telling me "ucky" and "Funky Monkey" today.

Some things about Fisher on his seventeen-month birthday...
Still hasn't got much hair.
The baseball cap seems to be his signature style.
As a matter of fact, when we went out to get the mail this afternoon, he reminded me, hat.
He counts like this: un, twooooooooooo, free, foh, sik, NINE!!!, TEN! (9 way more exciting than 10, apparently)
He loves to see Gay-pee over the back fence. The sweet little girl is really named Gracie, but we'll take it.
Still obsessed with airplanes, helicopters, the vacuum, my keys, cell phones.
Less than a week into one nap only. Still goes to bed around 6:45 and wakes up between 6:30-7.
Painted his first picture yesterday.
Climbs in my lap with a book to read.
Riding around on Alla's old tricycle (bihk), thank goodness for the push bar for mamas.
Has a serious temper. Pulls hair, bites, the works.
Loves music. Wants the theme song for Signing Time on repeat.
Starting to want to watch Signing Time!
His skin is clear. Halleluiah!
Loves marshmallows and pancakes.
We love you, Fisher.


Marie said...

ok so not to focus on the "bad" but what are you doing about the temper thing? having the same problem with charlie, but just add pinching to that too...

Megan said...

Marie and JJ, start time out now so he gets that under control! We had to for Jacob too. He's gets super mad, especially at the girls. Two minutes on the step does him some good. He stays most of the time. Just a suggestion. How do you make pancakes without wheat? Happy 17 months!

Norina said...

Sooo happy to hear my child is "normal" JJ, Marie, and Megan so thanks for sharing!...Zech has quite the temper as well these days :0).