Thursday, May 06, 2010

A few things: Fisher.

Fisher now realizes that his big sister gets to do fun stuff when he goes down for his nap, like watch her show. Somehow he's talked me into letting him come down to "turn on Alla's show," as he says, and even watching the theme song to whatever it is she picks for the day. Usually it's Dinosaur Train - he's digging the theme song for that show and gets a kick out of the conductor.

He loves baby food veggies - you know, those plastic rectangular containers. Something about the shape of them, I guess. (Maybe I should start pureeing again, and just freeze in those little containers?) The kid likes very little (if anything?) that is green, so if he wants a plastic container of vegetables for a snack then have at it, Mister.

One of the teachers in the class we go to on Thursdays, Ms. Leanne, brought Fisher a special gift today, a cloth bag with three books about various trucks. He carried it around calling it his library bag. I was touched that she thought of him, wherever she found the books.

He asks me each morning, Where Daddy go? And I tell him, Daddy went to work. And he says, Daddy get the money? Yes, buddy, Daddy get the money.

Fisher has learned that good manners will get you everywhere, so he says "May I" about 150 times a day. May I hab Daddy keys-es pweese? May I eat it? May I hab some milk pweese?

One thing that does not change with my son is his Lovey, and he had you all stumped. That Lovey was found in the crisper. Yes, in the refrigerator. I said to him, Fisher don't you ever do that again. Lovey does not go in the fridge. Lovey goes with you or in bed. So far Lovey has remained in one of those two places.

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Susie said...

IN the crisper! I was stumped! Glad you found lovey, current catastrophe over, right?