Sunday, May 02, 2010

She's been five now, for a week.

So I thought I'd recount her fifth birthday.Her birthday fell on a Monday, so she had a birthday Muffin Tin Monday. Then Fisher took a nap and my favorite part of the day came next: I took her for a long walk. We held hands the entire way. We chit-chatted, as she would say. I will always remember it as my favorite part of her fifth birthday.
A few special gifts for the birthday girl. We outfitted her bike with a bell and a basket. We're hoping this inspires her to learn how to ride it (since she threw away her training wheels a couple months ago). So far, no joy.
Nana + Pappi got her a new scooter.
Two of the bigger kids on the block took her for an inaugural ride around the block.
We came in to open presents, and I loved how she looked at every page of the two books we got her. Every page!
She later told me that her favorite gift was this lip stuff from Nana + Pappi. Great.
Probably the best part was just having them here for the big FIVE!
Daddy hooked her up with a special gift - this secret basket that operates on a pulley system in the playroom. To store all her secret stuff. Well, secret stuff that's not too heavy. Like the coupon book we stuffed in there.
We love you, big five-year-old. Enjoy your next 51 weeks!


Elizabeth said...

What fun!
Would love to know Ron's magic directions for that pulley thing. That is very cool.

Amy said...

What a fabulous way to celebrate a birthday! Love the playroom and Ron's pulley. So cool!

Cathy Bolander said...

Her birthday looks wonderful & I gotta say that shot on the street with the scooters makes me envious to live away from California. Well almost anyway! Happy 5 Alla!

Susan Weinroth said...

HOWWWWWW is she five?!
happy happy bday to miss alla ;)
i love the whole story of the bday day...!
and the secret pulley basket?! amazing!

ps - did you always have all of the frames above your guest bed? the look fabulous!!!!