Thursday, May 20, 2010

Just emerging.

We seem to be in the middle of a busy week, in which I consequently have a mish-mash of photos on my camera, all from different days, different doings. But I did find this gem, the first iris to bloom in three years. See, I planted this bunch of irises three Mays ago, when Alla was just two and we were celebrating our first spring in Minnesota, watching the ground to see what would emerge. These were extras from the garden of a friend of a friend, and of course since I planted them in May they wouldn't bloom until the following year, but then they didn't, nor the year after that. But suddenly this year, when Alla is just five, we have noticed the stalks shoot up with purple at the ends, and we are excited. Spring is exciting.


Susie said...

Spring is definitely exciting, it almost makes all the T-Storms worth it. ALMOST. Gorgeous shots, dear!

Amy said...

Beautiful, J.J.!