Thursday, May 13, 2010

Kindergarten is creeping up.

I think about it everyday, in part becase we won't find out until late summer whether she's going to attend morning or afternoon kindergarten. I thought at first that I would rather her go in the morning, like she's been used to doing the past four years. I thought that would help her be most successful.
But I've started to think that perhaps an afternoon classroom might be better, for Fisher's sake. I mean, if she's gone all morning, and he's napping all afternoon, they won't see each other til four o'clock!
Who will torment him? Make up games to play with him? Race with him?
That would be a long day without his Awa-Bawa.


Marie said...

I think about this all the time because I already know lily will be gone from about 8:20-4:15 every single day. I really don't know what Charlie is going to do without his Wiwy :(

Megan said...

You know Mazie went to the afternoon kindergarten. It was great. The kids were on break at the same time and loved it. It just worked. Jamie, however, goes in the morning. It is just enough time for Jacob to miss being without her so they can have a lovely lunch together. Then he naps. When Mazie gets home from school they are all refreshed and not as likely to bicker. I can't wait to hear how it turns out!

Katie said...

It's crazy to think Kindergarten next year huh? I have been asked a lot these past few weeks if Kelsea is going to Kindergarten next year. I fiercely yell back no, she's too young! As if one more year is sooo far away. :-) Something about them starting school that makes you realize, gosh they are turning into kids! Real, little people! Sigh