Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Ten on Tuesday.

1. A wonderful robin put up a nest under our deck one morning (yes, she was starting it when we left for school, and when we returned 3 hours later it was a complete nest!). I think it was on Earth Day. She stuck pretty close to it, and we could practically see the eggs pushing against her big belly. She then proceeded to lay one egg a day for four days! Now we are all super excited to see Mama Robin's babies. We haven't had a nest here since the summer Alla was two.

2. I have the new Anna Quindlen waiting for me at the library. So that means I have to finish The Boy in the Striped Pajamas!

3. The kiddos slept til 8:15 yesterday. Whoa. I puposely woke them up this morning so they'd see Daddy before he went off to work.

4. Saturday Fisher woke me up with this sweetness: "May I hab some bwefast pweese?"

5. Speaking of breakfast, lately I'm obsessed with my old stand-by recipe for oatmeal: dice up an apple, drizzle some maple syrup over and microwave for 2 minutes. Then add 1/2 cup oats and 3/4 cup water. Stir and microwave for 2 more minutes. Take it out and stir in a spoonful of brown sugar. That's it! Well, I like to top it with a hefty dallop of plain yogurt, too. And then spend the rest of the day waiting til the next breakfast so I can have it again.

6. One of Alla's special birthday gifts was a coupon book. Oh my heavens, I'd forgotten how well loved a coupon book is to a little girl. All sorts of good stuff in there, like getting an ice cream with Daddy and staying up an extra thirty minutes. The rule is you can only use one a day.

7. Guess how she used those extra thirty minutes the night she cashed it in? To give me a massage! I swear. Gobs of lotion and all. She even wrapped up my feet in washcloths when she was done to let the lotion soak in before I went to bed. Love my girl.

8. Another coupon was for a walk with Mommy after dinner. I've mentioned how much I love to walk with her. I've also mentioned this to her, and might have suggested that she needn't have a coupon next time it strikes her fancy to take a walk with her Mama.

9. I finally got around to finding out who went home last week on Idol. Poor Siobhan. Ron liked to call her See-oh-bahn. I liked her.

10. Last night we had a Lovey Crisis, as in Couldn't Find Lovey For Thirty Minutes*. At bedtime. I was going out of my mind, not only because I knew my son would not be able to sleep without it, but because I realized I am just as attached to that thing as he. One day he'll ditch it and I'll probably secretly stash it under my pillow hoping the baby boy smell of him never wears off.

*I'll give you an extra vote for Mom of the Year if you can guess where my son hid said Lovey.


jody said...

you have an amazing way to make simple things seem so lovely and sweet. i'm referring to the coupons and the walk...so precious!

seems as though everyone else is afraid to guess where lovey was hiding! I'm going to guess... in a truck????

pakosta said...

in the back of a riding toy?!

Megan said...

I'm guessing under your pillow. I would guess his but he doesn't use one (right?). Jacob hides his trucks and toys under his pillow so he can play during nap instead of actually napping. We figured that one out the hard way...

Sara said...

I am so making your oatmeal recipe tomorrow, and I will have to tell your our lovey crisis someday. Pretty funny when you take them to the store to pick out a new one. My son picked the most expensive one in the store.