Friday, May 07, 2010

Friday Five.

1. My daughter is utterly excited for Mother's Day. She spends her moments before sleep each night making up new Mother's Day songs. They are all amazing.

2. Friday Night Lights starts tonight!
3. Did anyone know there were alraedy four episodes of Army Wives? I've watched two online. Love that show.
4. Alla had her 5-year-old check-up yesterday. She's 46 pounds and 45 inches, almost an inch a pound! That girl can SCREAM her way through shots. And when I say scream, I mean out-of-body experience screaming, hitting, and, deep breath, I even got bit. Happy Mother's Day to me.
5. Despite the warm March and April we had, May has shaped up to be really chilly, and we're supposed to wake up to 33 degrees on Sunday morning. I just hope that Mama Robin has enough post-pregnancy body fat to keep those four eggies warm!


pakosta said...

Oh poor Alla!
I used to put my girls heads
in my arm, they would literally lay down in my arm and close their eyes, squeeze my hands hard and chew gum all the while. it made them focus on something else.
I can't believe you got bit! poor girl, both of yOU!~

pakosta said...

oh and I love that picture of her in that beautiful dress, so CUTE!
Happy Mothers Day!!!
And Ava at exactly 5 years old was 45.5" and 42.5lbs>! pretty close!!
Savannah was only 40lbs and 43.5 ".
Alla is tall!

Melanie said...

we're so excited about FNL as well! pizza friday AND friday night lights. wahooo!

have a great weekend - and try and stay warm. what's up with this weather we're having?

Amy said...

Sorry about the shots--that stinks for both of you!

And I just noticed Ben dancing to the Dinosaur Train theme song yesterday while Hayden was watching it.

And, finally, that apple maple oatmeal sounds delicious! I think I'll have it for breakfast tomorrow. Thank you for sharing!

Elizabeth said...

Some day Gracie will break the 40 lb mark! She is 38.4 as of today, when she happened to get weighed because of a minor health emergency. :P

It has been in the 30s and 40s all week here, sigh. Maybe it's finally moving out east! : )

Mel said...

Christian's only 36 lbs and 40.5 inches! Maybe his growth is stunted...Love the pic! Happy Mothers Day!!

Megan said...

Mazie is the same with shots. She has to be held down (and she is strong so this is not easy) and shrieks to the point where my ears rings for hours after. Jacob and Jamie just sit and take it. In fact, Jacob just had a shot and hopped off the table glaring at the nurse. He said, "that man put hurt on my leg. I don't like him anymore." That was it.

Katie said...

Wallis is also very excited about FNLs. I can't watch that show...makes me dizzy.

Shouting huh? I think that would make me all sweaty and anxious.

I love it when Kelsea sings me songs she makes up. I wish I had a recorder with me all the time to capture them, because they are never sung the same twice.