Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Five.

1. The baby robins hatched! I am torn between making them leave the nest alone so Mama Robin can feed them, and letting them go peek in between the slats on the deck at those little fluffy chirpies. Especially since Fisher has learned from his big sister to say that they are 'doh-ble' in his own most adorable voice.
2. The kiddos helped make my Mother's Day super sweet, Alla taking my breakfast order and Fisher coming to snuggle with me. I was smitten with how he put his tiny hand on my face; he was smitten by Daddy capturing the moment.3. So I turned the camera around because after I snap the photo he always says, "May I see it, pweese pweese pweese?"

4. The sun is shining today! This is glorious because it's been raining since Monday night. After lunch the kids and I sat on the deck to soak up some vitamin D, and Alla said that the day was just perfect and beautiful.

5. When Fisher wants you to explain something to him, he says, "What's x mean?" For example, last night we were reading a book and there was a kindergartener wearing a smock in the book, so he said, "What's a smock mean?" He looks at me deeply, he desperately needs to know this little piece of information so he can understand the big picture.

Happy Friday!

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Katie said...

It has been raining here the last three days! What's up with that? Sunshine is in the forecast the rest of the week...hope it stays for both our weekends!