Monday, May 24, 2010

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Alla asked me yesterday if I grew up at the same time as Uncle John. Yes, except for those two and a half blissful years before he was born. I went on to explain how it was kind of like with her and Fisher. I was two and a half when Uncle John was born, just like she was two and a half when Fisher was born. So then she asked if I got to hold him when he was born, and I said I thought so. I asked her if she remembered holding Fisher in the hospital, to which she replied, Sure I do. I don't know how she still has that memory, but oh I hope she has it forever.

2. It's been too long since I rotated toys around here. Kind of on my to-do list. One simple example: moved the train tracks from the downstairs toy box to a basket in the kids' room and now he plays with it every chance he gets.

3. Hello, summer. We're on our third day of 90-plus degree heat. Yesterday the kiddos played in the little blue pool in the backyard, Carter and Canton joined in, and all of a sudden there was some made-up follow the leader game involving running through the pool. The sun goes down in the backyard, and as much as I wanted to made a mad dash for my camera, boy I couldn't tear myself from them, from their pure joyous laughter.

4. That said, I may casually place my camera near the sliding glass door today. The pool water is already warming up, and I've promised sprinklers.

5. Two baby birds flew away yesterday. The second was perched on the deck this morning. She eventually flew off but left us a nice big poop on the railing. Sweet.

6. The last baby bird appears to be smaller and seems to be hanging out in the nest a bit longer.

7. Thursday is Alla's preschool graduation.

8. Read Lift right this minute. Go request it from your local library. So wonderful. And, only 83 pages. You can finish it in a naptime, or before bed.

9. New Jack Johnson June 1st!

10. Is it nearly Memorial Day? Bring on the barbeques and the eating on the lawn.


Elizabeth said...

Wasn't Lift wonderful? Gosh, I just loved it.

Gracie's preschool graduation is Saturday morning. She is having a hard time with being done, sensitive little girl.

Megan said...

The girls' last day is Thursday. Jamie's kindergarten graduation was last week. I guess I should post those pictures soon. I remember holding my baby brother as soon as he came home from the hospital. I remember sitting on the ugly couch we had with an colorful stripey blanket and him just looking at me. I was 2 1/2 too. I hope she never forgets her memory of holding Fish!

Susie said...

Jack Johnson sure is making a buzz these days!