Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Five.

1. Yesterday was a washout. Seriously like a full day of rain, so we stayed in and made granola (gah-nowa). He's wondering why he can't see the molasses (mohwasses) anymore. 2. And probably why on earth it takes a few hours to cook (and be ready to go in his mouth). Soon as he woke up from nap, he asked for gahnowa.
3. My wonderful husband (and Pappi and a neighbor) put this frame together for the chalkboard I made, and now we have the best addition to our kitchen since the coffee grinder. The top half for me to write all of the carb count stuff at meals, and the bottom half for the kids to create.
4. A fun thing while Pappi was here - playing in the back of his truck. (99% of the time, the kid has scratched up his nose in one spot or another.)
5. Ever since school started, I appreciate weekends like I did when I was working. Just cannot wait to relaaaaaaaaaaaax. (Oh, and sit out there on a chilly Saturday morning for soccer.)
Happy weekend!


Megan said...

yum! homemade granola!!

Mindi said...

Mmmm, gahnowa. Recipe?