Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Ron and I went on an impromptu dessert date on Saturday night. Ah, the perks of having a grandparent stay with you for a little while!

2. Dessert date means only one thing here. Butterscotch pudding at Nick and Eddie. Divine.

3. Fisher has got practically all of the neighborhood kids turning their trikes or motorized vehicles into vactors. I'm very proud of my son for teaching our whole block, kids and grown-ups alike, about vactors.

4. On Saturday, I broke out the blow dryer for the first time in three months. My hairdresser will be elated. I will tell her tonight when I get my first haircut in three months.

5. Fisher was a pro at school this morning, I tell you. I was so proud of him. Not a single tear when I went across the hall to "Mommy class," just a see ya later and back to playing in the sand table.

6. We had to run to the bus stop this morning because Fisher saw the recycling truck coming and just had to see it take our recycling, but of course it was one minute til the time we're supposed to be at the bus stop, so once the recycling truck left our house, I had to drag him down the street and Alla had to run two houses because the bus was pulling up!

7. Gladly, they've changed our bus stop, so starting tomorrow there will be no conflict of interest (recycling truck versus bus stop), as the bus will be picking her up in front of our house. Lovely. This will really come in handy when it's five below outside.

8. Alla's favorite book of the week: Camilla Chameleon.

9. Fisher's favorite book of the week: anything digger related, of course, but we'll just go with this one for posterity's sake - Mega Trucks.

10. It's gorgeous today, we ate lunch outside, and it's supposed to be near 80 over the weekend! Can one stockpile sunshine, do you think?

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