Sunday, September 19, 2010

Summer's end.

Summer is quickly, officially coming to an end. We're in our third week of school, and don't feel like it's so completely new anymore. It's crisp out there sometimes, though of course there are still plenty of warm days to come. And yet I seem to have tons of summer pictures I haven't even gone through, so I thought I'd share a few before it got so far into the next season that I looked back on these and thought, Why on earth isn't she wearing a coat in these pictures? For awhile there, every time Daddy would mow, our bullfrog friend would leap from the garden, only to be captured by Alla, friend to all insects and critters. And then there's the mowing itself, the joy. When Fisher hears that Daddy will be going out to mow, it had better be at a time when he's also allowed to go out and help. Why bother to stop and put on pants or your own shoes just to mow? I know, it's because this was the summer of the meanest mosquitoes ever.
Not much better than enjoying a freezie pop with your Dada. He's just recently stopped asking for them, and I find this age enchanting, when they really don't remember last year, last season, what comes next. No, freezie pops are not a fall food.
I love these two. I love that they love each other.
I had the best summer I can remember.


Megan said...

I'm sad that summer is coming to an end too but at the same time excited for Fall. Apples need to be picked, and pumpkins, and Fall color. I love that last picture!

Mindi said...

My boys eat popsicles all year. Winter too. J not as much as Z. Z would eat them every day for every meal, if he could. Flavored sugar on a stick? Yes, please. :)