Sunday, September 12, 2010

Today was for.

Letting her brush my hair and give me a hair 'do. Then letting her hold my camera and photograph her work. And me.
Today was for playing Monopoly with my daughter and my mother.
Today was for abundant sunshine, reading, standing outside with no shortage of friends to chat with.
Today was for Dutch Babies made in thanks of grandparents that make our life a little easier, more wonderful.
Today was for kids complaining about something at dinner. Oh, wait, that's everyday. Scratch that.
Today was for picking one [last?] zucchini.
Today was for both kids getting a cold. Nothing like school to help out with that.
Today was for family.


Mindi said...

Love the new header. Perfect.

Megan said...

The header is so the kids! I also love the hairdo. Good Job Alla.