Sunday, September 05, 2010

This is the State Fair post.

Seven-something a.m. Once again, cool start. But sheer excitement walking into the fairgrounds. Is Alla completely off the ground?
Cow butts: small, medium, or large?
Pig snouts.

What fair is complete without trash truck sightings? Yes, plural.

Alla climbed halfway up the rock wall! Last year she was scared.
Last year she was also scared of the big ferris wheel. Not this year!

This was at like ten-fifteen. Already too tired to walk. Thank goodness for Uncle Will coming along!
Spotted from the Sky Ride: Fried Fruit on a Stick. Really? Why do they have to go and mess up even the simplest things?
The sky ride took us over to the Food Building and at the fruit stand outside I chose the Peaches and Cream, complete with two gluten-free, dairy-free cookies for Fisher, two small peaches that he gobbled up, and Alla chose this giant orange which she just seemed to adore.
Guess what else she wasn't afraid of this year? The Giant Slide! She went on once with me and then begged Ron to take her again. Fisher loved it, too.
Uncle Will, Aunt Renee, and Daddy waiting for us to ride the carousel.
I'm super glad we're still doing little kid stuff like this. Alla's there on the other side of Fisher.
After the carousel we headed to the truck area. Let me just say, little boy heaven.
(Maybe big boy heaven, too?)
OK, I'm not going to lie. Not a lot of kids who don't like cool trucks, girl or boy.

Onto the next tractors.
We saved the best for last - KUBOTA!
Swear we didn't even get two blocks north of the fair before he conked out. Like, it wasn't even worth trying to keep him up til we got home. He just kept on sleeping even after we got home. That tuckered out.
I'm often struck by simple moments like this, when she notices how sweet he is herself. Of course, that's because she's so sweet, too.


Cathy Bolander said...

Your fair looks wonderful & don't you love when the kiddos get all tuckered out for a good nap?

Megan said...

Looks like fun! No fried snickers this year?

Katie said...

How fun! That is awesome you were able to snap that last photo, precious! There are so many of those moments with Kelsea and Lorelei and my camera is no where in sight!