Friday, January 04, 2008

Flashback Friday.

Well since we're in the home stretch before Pondegore's arrival, I thought I'd dig deep into the archives for some never-before-seen shots of the little girl. I didn't start the blog til she was nearly eight months, so there's lots of good stuff to show off.

This was her official poop face. I kid you not. She literally made this face every time she pooped, which was a lot, so it was not hard to capture. I know I have others. But for some reason when I woke up this morning with the idea of dedicating Flashback Fridays to these almost three year old images of my daughter, this one popped into my head. Love it.


Megan said...

I remember that darling little baby girl. Look at how she has changed!

Cathy Bolander said...

Look how cute she is leaning her little head back to poop. Miss you guys!

Amy said...

That face is adorable! And, my oh my, all that hair she had right from the start!

Katie said...

i remember that face...sigh...i love flashback fridays...almost as much as pizza night friday with the killins!