Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Only four weeks til a new Jack.

2. Made these cupcakes for a new mama friend yesterday. Yum.

3. I know you're not supposed to stay in the devil-hot shower for forever in the dry winter weather, but my aching pregnant body cannot deny itself this joy, dry skin or not.

4. What does a pregnant mama have to do to get herself a hoodie that fits? I don't mean the top to my velour sweatsuit. I do not mean Ron's UCLA sweatshirt. I mean a genuine, sweatshirt material, zip up right when you get out of bed and live in the rest of the day, but fit over my big belly (read: maternity) hoodie. It does not exist. But I want it.

5. It was back to school today for us, and that means that on Thursday Alla gets to go by herself. She seems pretty excited, but did ask a little tentatively when we arrived this morning if I was going in with her or not. I'm sure she'll be ok. As for me...must schedule a massage...

6. Susie was right. This IS the best ham and potato soup recipe ever.

7. I am in desperate need of some warm stripey socks that do not slouch, that are high enough for my winter boots, and that do not get holes after a few washings and all-day wearings. I'm really hard on my socks. There must be some brand that can stand up to me.

8. Finished A Thousand Splendid Suns. Great, fast read. Now it's back to Owen Meany. Not as fast. Need some motivation to finish. Want to read Eat, Pray, Love. And look at my hypnobirthing book before, well, the birth.

9. Sleep is the devil.

10. We watched a great movie on Sunday night. Oh, go rent it. And make sure your volume is up when you click on the link so you can hear Falling Slowly. I so need the music. It is delightful. Stunning.


Megan said...

Nice 10. That ham and potato soup recipe does sound good. I may have to try that soon.

Susie said...

I'm making that soup for the third time this week- so glad you enjoyed it!

Also, I'm reading Eat, Pray, Love right now- it's pretty good, J. I think you'd enjoy it.

Tara said...

I can't wait to hear about Alla's school day. Post quickly.

jody said...

Have I already sent you this? http://www.sock-dreams.com/_shop/edit/index.php
sock dreams has the cutest socks...of every variety.

Cathy Bolander said...

I agree that sleep is the devil. I thought with pregnancy discomfort over, sleep would return, but my newborn doesn't like to sleep at night. Good idea. You deserve a massage & that book is good.

andrealavin said...

J.J.- those cupcakes!!! Wow! Must try soup. I've never made soup before :) Heard the Once soundtrack was good... That was a good 10! xoxo dre

Katie said...

Glad to hear you liked the movie. We downloaded the soundtrack (along with the actors own CDs for our IPODs).

Amy said...

YIPPEEEEE!!! A new Jack Johnson. . . he's my fav and I was just thinking it was about time for something new from him! Those cupcakes look divine. I must make them, too bad one of my new year's resolutions is to cut back on sweets :-(

Wonderful list!

jill s said...

i had a gap zip up hoodie i wore my entire pregnancy (and hello i measured 48 weeks at 36 weeks!!) it was from gap...and while they don't have the exact one any more there do have a couple here.


hope that helps!


Norina said...

I'm with you on the hoodie girl! All mine look like I'm wearing a crop sweatshirt with the belly hanging out, not a good look! I have Eat, Pray, Love on my nightstand...for some reason I can't seem to read anything non-pg related right now. Maybe next year :)Looking forward to post and pics of Alla's first day of school!

patrice said...

I've been enjoying SmartWool brand socks for a couple of years now. Warm, durable, colorful stripes! I've heard REI carries them if you have them in your area.