Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ten on Tuesday.

1. It was a day of tours. First, a potential preschool observation this morning. Then, this evening, a tour of the maternity ward at our hospital-to-be.

2. Twice last night Alla woke us up to tell us she farted. Told Dada once, and Mama the next time. A real exciting night at the Killins home.

3. This morning Alla rediscovered Charlie Brown and played a rousing game of Hide and Seek with him. She says it like, "Trolley Browned," and then tells me, "Trolley Browned is the best!"

4. I'm down to 4-5 shirts that are long enough for this belly, one pair of jeans that I can actually say is comfy, and 2 sweatsuits that fit. Good thing I got some great stripey socks for my birthday so at least one part of me will be jazzed up. Another good thing - Ron found the hoodie of my dreams and it was delivered today.

5. I love Alla's can-do spirit. She says, "I can give it a try."

6. Here's an idea for your next playdate: host a pizza-making party. Do it after nap, like around 4 in the afternoon. The hostess provides the sauce and cheese. Each mama brings a crust and a topping to share. Everyone makes a pizza and goes home with dinner! We've done this twice in our MOMs Club and I think it is so fantastic.

7. Alla is obsessed with the show Birth Day. She says, "Look at the cutie!" when the baby comes out. I think she might qualify to be my birth coach with all the knowledge she's acquired from this show. Today she told me she was going to catch a baby when we went to the hospital for our tour.

8. I am making a valiant effort at Owen Meany with an old high school trick of assigning myself a certain number of pages per day.

9. We woke up to ZERO this morning. Zero and sunshine.

10. I stocked up at the Old Navy sale on Friday. Everything was 50% off the clearance price. Got some stuff for Pondegore, a sweater for Ron, some 4T jammies for Alla for next winter, and a whole slew of post-baby clothes for me that I can't WAIT to wear, even if they are just tees and sweats and a really comfy grey hoodie. I'm starting to look forward to warmer weather where I can wear a hoodie, a t-shirt, khakis, and flip-flops. And, yes, I realize the price of such comfy clothes: the hoodie will be hiding the spit-up on the tee. Until it gets spit-up on, too. I'm also aware of my hoodie obsession, thankyouverymuch.


Susie said...

What is with those shows when you are pregnant? I watched like everysingleoneofthem! Between two networks, I probably could have birthed the baby myself!

Elizabeth said...

You must share more about the hoodie! I'm almost in my 8th month and I'm in desperate need of something cute and comfy :)

Megan said...

Are you looking into a new preschool? I am glad Alla is so involved with the baby. It will make for a smooth transition. She will be such a big helper.

andrealavin said...

Alla in preschool- already!!!

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xoxo dre

Susan said...

oh JJ - happy belated Bday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)