Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday ramblings.

33 weeks today. According to the babycenter email I got this evening, Pondegore is a little over 4 pounds and has passed the 17-inch mark. So only about 5-6 pounds to grow, then, right, little one?

We are mad list-crosser-offers. This weekend: carseat for Alla, baby toiletries, new closet installed, diapers ordered.

It has been below zero since Friday. Twelve below when we woke up yesterday and today.

Tomorrow is a big IKEA trip. Love IKEA. On tap: a nightstand for Alla, a bookcase for the playroom, a rug, some wall mounts for all her artwork, etc. etc. etc.

I am having some random craving for BEER. Anyone who knows me knows I do NOT drink beer. But Ron grabs a cold one and I simply must have a sip and there's something about the biting crisp cold that makes me want to down it. Luckily I'm pregnant and therefore do not. Any bets on whether the craving goes away once I'm home from the hospital?

I got nothin' else. Not a whole lot of picture-taking going on here with us being cooped up from the cold.


jody said...

Ha! We were at IKEA today...just missed you :-)

Tasha said...

Way to check off that list.
Hmmm, BEER heh? sounds like some testosterone floating around in there with you and Pondegore. Must be a boy..... or 2 ;0>

Elizabeth said...

A good friend had the same beer craving. After clearing it with her doc, she started drinking O'Douls non-alcoholic beer. She LOVED it!!

Norina said...

5-6 lbs to grow JJ??? You are being so generous with baby pondegore, I'm like please don't pass the 6-7 lbr mark! LOL! Cracking up at the beer craving too...I agree it must be a boy!

kanb said...

interesting about the beer! I thought you looked all out in front, so, a boy. But the beer thing? I REALLY wanted beer when I was pregnant with Stella. And the few sips I stole were sooooo gooood.