Thursday, January 31, 2008

The last day of January.

Which is exciting because then it's February and then it's March, and we all know that Pondegore comes in March. Maybe before?
Anyway I've been finishing Owen Meany this week, but we did have ourselves a cuddly afternoon of books yesterday, and also I'm pretty proud of Ron's handiwork putting up those photos over our bed (four altogether), so I thought I'd mention that publicly. Our room is complete!

I love the late afternoon sunshine just pouring in unfiltered and making our cheeks all rosy in the middle of winter.
Alla brought me the bag of library books we got on Saturday and this was the last one, a Diego book. Boy does she love her some animal rescuing. She's been telling me since we read that one, 'ah-ruf ah-ruf!' And I ask what's that and she says, it's a maned wolf pup. Of course.
By the way, the return of Kevin went well. Meaning that there didn't appear to be any problems returning him at the time. Then we went to leave and she wanted to ask Leigha's mama if she could borrow Lauren, Kevin's sister. And then her nap went horribly wrong, crying I miss Leigha which I took to also mean I miss Kevin. But today was all good. She slept alone for nap and at bedtime Daddy wimped out and let her sleep with two friends, two Shrek babies. She has already decided that she wants a bigger babydoll for her birthday, and will call her Lauren, same as Leigha's baby. So we hope Pondegore brings one to her. She may not be able to wait three months.


pakosta said...

do you want some dora computer games?! i have at least 3 of them! and a few others games too to give you! along with tons of shirts, winter coat, hats, mittens etc. i will be sending a HUGE box SOON!

erin said...

How bout a close up of those lovely pictures???

Looks good!

Sue Thomas said...

Oh I'm so glad she was able to sleep without Kevin!!! I think bigger baby doll is perfect for a new big sister!!!!!