Thursday, January 03, 2008

Round Two.

Found a few favorites from Christmas with Nana and Pappi. It was a much better idea to divide the gift opening into groups this year, wasn't so overwhelming for Alla.
She is now the proud owner of this just-her-size table and two chairs (other chair reserved for Shrek and his three babies, of course), which we hope will be a permanent fixture in the guest/playroom in the next couple months. A perfect place for her to Color Wonder.This might have been her favorite gift. A real-life preemie diaper in her stocking, just for Baby Rolla. Now if only Jody will show me how to make some real life clothes for this poor baby, we will be in good shape.The annual ornament from Nana & Pappi never disappoints. This year she got a big sister ornament! Oh how true that will be soon.
And lucky me to have captured this one. Alla not quite ready to be social after her nap, and lucky Dada to have gotten the snuggles. Ah it was so nice to have him home for a whole week. Next time he's home that long there will be a new one and the little girl love to figure out. But for now, it's just her. She's our very own love. And those are her words.


Megan said...

You've gotta love a work space all of her own. The girls love playing with their Ariel table.

jody said...

the funny thing is, Olivia has tons of doll clothes, but she prefers her babies to wear nothing! Maybe we should start with a blanket :-)

pakosta said...

the last one with daddy is soooooooo beautifuL!!!! what a gem! your photos just keep getting better!
love her table and chair set. and i had to laugh at her outfit in the photo of you guys all holding her! aren't those pajama bottoms that i gave you?! LOL!