Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Said the little girl to me this afternoon whilst she was all suited up in her fancy dress and ballet shoes (over her pants and shirt for warmth, mind you, we do not turn up the heat just so little girls can wear pretty but weather inappropriate dresses): "Do you know what ballerinas like to show to their mothers?" And then a silly smile before the response: "Dolly houses."

2. The to-do list has officially become one page instead of two, and that's with a 19-pt font, so really there can't be that much left, right?
3. Today's photo-of-the-day. Just waking up from nap.

4. Just playing with her toy choice from the library today, a collection of My Little Ponies to play with the one she actually owns, meaning for her pony to play with the borrowed ponies cause hers was lonely. Boy does the child love imaginary play. And making up names. You'd think we don't know anyone with normal names, like Leigha, Lauren, Marie, Celine, etc. Instead she gives these ponies (and anyone else she names) strange names that I can hardly remember they are so odd, like Aresha and Pot or Pot-chuk. Oh, and Pondegore. Of course there's that. Yes, and the period she went through where everyone was named Kunger.
5. Alla is officially ready to be a big sister, as per the certificate received in her Big Sister class last night, which was also officially not worth twenty-five dollars. I believe that Alla will be teaching Pondegore how to be a big sibling when we have another. We might even print out certificates. She did, however, get to see a real live newborn who was hanging out in the hallway with some visitors. She politely asked to see the swaddled babe, and that probably made the night for her.

6. Our room is coming together. That may sound odd, coming from someone who's lived in her house now for over a year and a half. But for some reason we never get around to putting stuff on the walls in our room. Like in four whole years of living in California, and three living in Ohio. Never put stuff on our bedroom walls. But times they are-a-changin', and we are one weekend away from having a 'finished' bedroom. That is, until our very own newborn invades our space in 6 and a half weeks with all of his or her crap. Photos to come, of finished bedroom, aforementioned newborn crap, and, of course, the newborn.

7. She puts all the 'friends' to sleep. Big or small, she lines them up at the head of her bed, on their bellies, then covers them with her quilt. Then like a minute later, wakes them up and one by one takes them out and lines them up somewhere else on the bed.
8. She is only counting in Spanish nowadays. And she must get to ten. So if there are only, for example, three marshmallows in her cup for dessert, then she just goes around again and again until she reaches the 'tenth' one.

9. Three Target-brand items to avoid: band-aids (they don't actually stick for more than five minutes, which is sort of the point of a band-aid), packing tape (considerably cheaper, but it is so thin that it really only sticks to itself and does not stay in the little holder thingy, so that you are forever trying to unstick it from the roll), and cheez-its (Ron says they taste like Zestas with a slight hint of cheese flavoring). Other than that, we are big Target-brand buyers. On sale this week: multi-grain waffles for $1.10.
10. Looking for a good Pondegore to Alla gift that she'll receive at the hospital...any ideas?


pakosta said...

how about her very own diaper bag for her dolls? complete with new diapers, clothes etc? cause then when you "mommy" the baby she can play mommy toO!tara

Megan said...

That diaper bag idea is great! Jamie got Mazie a strawberry shortcake doll. Jacob got Jamie a set of drums and Mazie a pink guitar. Just to give you our examples.

Amy said...

I love your ten. I always love your ten! I'm so impressed with Alla and hope that one day Hayden will do all the things she can do, like counting in Spanish and naming his friends. . . and I hope he can do it when he's not yet 3! He seems ages away from any of it!

Norina said...

I always love seeing her with her baby doll that she totes everywhere!

Tara said...

I love the picture of Alla sleeping. Anytime I see Ashby in deep sleep it takes me right back to the first few months of her life. I really enjoy seeing all your photos and how you capture Alla's age/personality - everything.

andrealavin said...

Good use of the word "whilst" :)
How about jewlery- like a charm/ necklace or something special- engraved with "sister", that she can always have to remember the birth of the person who will be by her side for the rest of her life...

Sue Thomas said...

Love your 10 list again this week, j.j. Always such a warm look into your life. Can't seem to come up with a big sister gift nearly as interesting as the diaper bag or big sister necklace. Those are great ideas!

SanJosemommyof2 said...

I like the idea of a bracelet or something like that.. they are now getting to the stage where they'll love jewelry. And I think there are some places that do some cute toddler bracelets (that are hard to take off..and so, they are hard to lose).

I also LOVE the idea of the diaper bag. Grace wasn't really into dolls. And she already has her special bear..which she treats like a doll. SO we ended up getting her two videos of her faves so that she could hang with mommy at the hospital since we had a dvd player and tv in our room..

Good luck with the decision! I can't believe how close you are getting.