Sunday, January 27, 2008

Thirty-three months.

Yesterday she turned thirty-three months old. Yep that means three more months 'til the big third birthday. At which she wants all the neighborhood kids and their parents to sleepover. Mmm-hmmmm. I'm still wondering how to pull off a party with a six-ish week old, let alone find sleeping bags for the entire neighborhood.
So, since I'm still keeping track month to month, here are a few of the things that made this month special:
-her reading The Little Mouse, The Red, Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear to us
-having her first overnight here with Nana and Pappi
-falling in love with chocolate and oranges (not together)
-starting one day a week preschool
-starting to get out of bed by herself to wake us up most mornings
-Kevin came to visit
Now here's where I share a little about Kevin, the above-pictured babydoll. Kevin belongs to Alla's friend, Leigha, who most generously let Alla borrow him for her big sister class this past week. Leigha's mom reports that Leigha hasn't noticed Kevin's absence, however, Alla and Kevin have been best of friends since they made their acquaintance two weeks ago. He goes everywhere with us, he sleeps with her for every nap and every night. Baby Rolla has swiftly been replaced. This week Kevin will go home and I am on pins and needles as to whether Baby Rolla will once again move into the top spot. I am almost sad to see Kevin go, simply because of the true true love Alla has for him. And of course, we all know that "Kevin" is the name (or one of the many) given to him by Leigha, because it is far too normal a name for my child to have come up with.
Anyway, happy thirty-three months, little girl. I love you.


andrealavin said...

cool picture! poor rolla. i'm nervous. keep me posted :) xoxo dre

andrealavin said...
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Katie said...

Hmmmm, I'm curious to read how the departure of Kevin goes. Happy 33 mos Alla! (-:

Cathy Bolander said...

My how time flies. She's getting so big. Can't wait to hear how Alla handles Kevin going

jody said... baby Kevin a boy? could be a good sign that she would like a baby brother! Maybe if you have a boy you could give her a boydoll at the hospital of her very own???

Tasha said...

oh, to be able to keep track again. Happy 33 month Alla!!

Shelly Z. said...

Hilarious! I hope Baby Rolla is welcomed back with open arms...or else where can you go buy a Baby Kevin? :-)

Sue Thomas said...

What a sweet photo! I hope Kevin is able to gracefully say his goodbyes to Alla!

SanJosemommyof2 said...

I love it!! Grace is reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear and Polar Express and Carrot Soup to us. I just can't believe how that little mind works! I absolutely adore that picture btw! She looks so serious..